Must listen, week 1

January 3rd, 2009

I found this book while shopping for presents for the family, and I couldn’t resist it. There’s even a website! Basically, the author identifies albums, and even specific recordings that everyone should hear, and even goes so far as to recommend similar “if you liked this, you’ll also like this” artists and albums. I’m excited to work my way through it – I’m starting at the beginning, and I figure I can get at least halfway through by the end of 2009. It looks like some of the recordings might not be available on iTunes, which means I may have to buy CDs, but I guess I’ll live.

This week I’ll be looking for/downloading these songs/albums:

  1. ABBA, Gold. The book recommends several songs from the album, all of which I’ve heard, so I guess I’m kind of ahead of the game.
  2. Dimi Mint Abba and Khalifa Ould Eide, Moorish Music from Mauritania. This one’s going to be hard to find, as it looks like it’s been discontinued in the US.
  3. Muhal Richard Abrams, Blu Blu Blu. Another one that’s going to be hard to find. I’m not a big fan of jazz, so I won’t be too sad if I can’t find it.
  4. The Abyssinian Baptist Choir, Shakin’ the Rafters. Gospel, eh? The author recommends a couple of tracks specifically, so I may start out with just those…
  5. AC/DC, Back in Black. Of course I’ve heard the title track… who hasn’t? But there are a couple of recommended tracks I’m not familiar with, so I’ll have to check them out.
  6. John Adams, Harmonium. I love classical music, and I’m hopeful that I’ll enjoy these.
  7. John Adams, The Death of Klinghoffer. Only one of these songs can be found on the Harmonium CD, and the 10-CD retrospective is kind of costly, so I’ll have to look elsewhere…
  8. Johnny Adams, Johnny Adams Sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me. I’m not a big fan of blues, either, but I’m willing to give it a try. I’ll start with the recommended songs first.
  9. Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker. Now this is a recording I can get behind. I enjoy Ryan Adam’s music very much – his album entitled Gold is one of my favorites.
  10. The Cannonball Adderley Quintet, At the Lighthouse. More jazz. We’ll see…

I’ll let you know what I think!

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