I did it!

October 30th, 2008


I did it. I participated in the most patriotic of acts this evening, from 6:00 to 6:40. The line moved quickly, everyone was courteous, and it was great. I filled in the ovals on my absentee-in-person ballot, and I have to say I’ve never been prouder to sign my name.

Now to find out the results… I can’t wait. I’ve never been so invested in an election. If only to prove my parents wrong. (hee-hee)

Democratic process

October 9th, 2008

You know, I’m glad to live in a country where we have more than one choice when it comes to who runs the country. I’m thrilled to have the ability to say what I think about each candidate. What I’m NOT thrilled about is the hate, specifically the hate that’s currently spewing from the conservative right, populated by “Christians”. And yes, I say “Christians” (imagine me making air quotes)… I grew up in a holiness church, went to very conservative Christian schools, and the attitudes these people show is absolutely not the way I was taught that Christ would have his followers behave. It makes me ashamed that I ever associated myself with people like this…

I fail to understand why people stick to the “Obama’s a terrorist. Obama’s a Muslim” routine, even after being proven wrong. I don’t understand why John McCain is supposed to be more patriotic somehow because he was a POW, and therefore more qualified to be president. I don’t understand why the conservative right thinks they have the market cornered on patriotism, love of country, and free speech.

Vote for who you want, but VOTE. Like the ladies over atMOMocrats say, I’m voting for “That One”.

Remember me?

October 8th, 2008

I just started to log into the WordPress main page, and thought it very apropos that it should ask “Remember Me?” It’s been a while since the last post – I mean, here we are eight days into October and I have yet to post. I guess I haven’t felt very motivated to do so lately. Not that there aren’t important, weighty things to talk about, but I’m not the place you go if you’re looking for eloquent statements on the economy, politics, or anything else that’s happening in the world. No… you come to me for fluff.

So… who out there uses iTunes? *raises hand high* I’m a big fan – granted, I haven’t really tried any other music services, but I like the way they catalog my music and don’t see any reason to even try anything else. And now that they’ve come up with this Genius thing – which is, by the way, pure genius – I doubt I’d even look at anything else. I LOVE that I can select a song in my library, click a button, and it automatically pops up a list of other songs in my library that go great with the song I selected. I LOVE that it puts suggestions for similar artists and songs in the sidebar – in order to find new artists in the past that I might like based on my taste in music I’ve relied on Amazon.com, but that’s just not very efficient. Now it’s all in one place – found a song I like that’s similar to songs I already have? Just click the “buy” button and voila! It’s mine. I HEART IT SO MUCH.

Oh, and I bit the bullet and added to my iPod family. The 3rd gen iPod classic I have is kind of clunky and cumbersome to carry around when mowing or exercising, so I picked up a 1GB shuffle, in the new bright green. I planned to take it for its inaugural turn around the lawn lastnight, but it rained yesterday so I won’t be able to mow until Saturday. Maybe.

    The Exiled Queen