Just kill me now!

June 10th, 2013

I am, by no means, a fitness fanatic. Heck, I’m not even a fitness fan. I can do the occasional 5k charity walk without too much effort, I walk the dog around the block a few times a week (or less), and while I love yoga, I haven’t practiced in over a year. So what, you might ask, possessed me to sign up for this year’s NITE Ride? Let’s just call it a fit of insanity. I mean, I have this fancy schmancy 7-speed cruiser that I rode all of one time last year, and only a handful of times the year before that. I spent a ton of money outfitting my car with a trailer hitch so I could buy a bike rack that would *fit* the fancy schmancy bike. But… really. Insanity. First of all, I didn’t realize it’s a nearly twenty (that’s TWO OH) mile ride. Second, until I registered just now, I didn’t realize you have to complete it in TWO hours. TWO. TWO. TWO. Sorry… I didn’t mean to stutter. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that my bestie had already registered, I think I’d have said no thanks. Clearly I’m going to have to train… in 10 days or less. I hope the weather stays nice for the next couple of weeks.

The 28 day challenge is going… okay. Not fantastic – I cheated a lot last week. I had pho one night for dinner, and went to Claddagh for fish and chips another. I ate ice cream… have you HAD Jeni’s Splendid ice cream? Goat cheese and cherries? It’s like Cherry Garcia, but for grown ups. I had sushi on Saturday for lunch, and again today, but sushi is the one thing I said I wouldn’t give up when going plant-based, anyway. Sort of plant-based minus raw fish. I did find one recipe that I think will become a go-to… Smashed White Bean and Avo Club. It is, quite literally, smashed canellini beans mixed with a little salt and pepper, combined with some avocado or guacamole (I like Wholly Guacamole’s 100-calorie snack packs), spread on toast and topped with whatever leafy stuff you might have, and maybe some bean sprouts and red onion. I made it twice… the first according to the recipe, and the second I substituted romaine and tomato for the toppings and put it in a whole-wheat tortilla. YUM.

I also made gazpacho (or as I like to say, gazPACHO! Emphasis on the PACHO!). It was a tomato and fruit edition, and was actually much better than I thought it would be. It was kind of like a really juicy fruit salad, spiced up with some red onion and jalapeno. It was a lot of work, cutting up the melon (honeydew and cantaloupe), but I suppose if you bought pre-cut melon it would be easier. I’d make it again… I think it would be really great in the heat of summer.

So, this week I’m planning to do better. I’m baking a Blueberry Breakfast Cake so I have something healthy to take to work this week for breakfasts (and I have a pint of blueberries I need to do something with before they spoil!), and I’ll hit the grocery tomorrow after work to see what else I can rustle up for the week. Yes, I *could* live on rice and beans, but it’d probably be a good idea to add some variety, yes?

The Happy Herbivore 28-Day Challenge… bring it on!

June 2nd, 2013

Sometimes I wonder what the crap to write about here… so little is going on on the baby-making front that it’s hardly worth talking about at the moment. Thanks to Happy Herbivore, I’ll have something to post about for at least the next 28 days…

I mentioned before how I’ve gone plant-based. Yeah. Well. That hasn’t been going as well as I’d like, and I need a kick in the pants! I need some motivation, some accountability – basically, I need a challenge. Lindsay Nixon, founder of Happy Herbivore, is providing it this month with a 28-Day Challenge! I already subscribe to her monthly meal plans, and since there are prizes I’m hoping I’ll do a better job of sticking to them each week.

All of my struggles really have to do with convenience food and sugar. I LOVE sweets, and I’m having a horrible time breaking myself of my sugar habit. Did you know Skittles are vegan? Did you know they have a new version called Skittles Darkside? Can you tell I LOVE them? And as for convenience, I just don’t like to cook. I don’t like the prep work involved, and I really hate the cleanup part. (Side note: For the first time EVER, I actually put dirty dishes in my oven in order to make my kitchen look presentable for company. GAH.) Lindsay’s meals are pretty easy to make, and usually only dirty one or two dishes/pots, but there are a ton of utensils and measuring cups involved!

Here’s what I want to get out of the next 28 days:

  • I want to break my sugar addiction. That’s not to say I’ll never eat a cupcake again, but I can’t eat a cupcake every day. Or even every week.
  • I want to lose some weight. I am a believer in Health at Every Size, so losing weight isn’t really a huge priority. I’m happy with my body the way it is – it works the way it’s supposed to, and is capable of amazing things. That being said, in order to work on getting fitter (something I’m also working on this month through a work-based challenge – Go Me!), I could probably shed some weight. It will just help me to MOVE better.
  • I want to stop relying so much on convenience foods. I need to do a better job of planning my meals so I’m not so tempted to just eat out. Because when I eat out, I tend to choose things that just aren’t healthy for me; that’s what’s available in most of the restaurants near me.
  • I want to be a good example of what a person on a whole foods, plant-based diet can be. There are a handful of others at work that are moving in that direction in their own lives, and it would be great if we could develop our own little community. If there are enough of us, maybe we can influence decisions made in our cafeteria a little more?

So… I’ve been spending the afternoon cooking, preparing as much stuff ahead for the week as I can. I’ll post pictures of what I’m eating for each meal, and if there are recipes I especially like I might even share them here. Stay tuned!

May Day(s)

May 3rd, 2013

It’s the third of May, and I totally blew NaBloPoMo in April. #FAIL. Which is fine – clearly I am the kind of person who only blogs sporadically, and that’s okay. I had big plans to start again in May, but I forgot to write on Wednesday, and then again yesterday… oh, well.

There is so little going on right now with the baby-making efforts that it’s hardly worth mentioning. I started out this cycle on letrozole again, but my response just wasn’t what the doctor was hoping for, so no insemination this month. Next cycle, we’re going to add injectable gonadotropins to boost the quality (and hopefully, quantity) of my eggs. I’m really hoping that’s all it takes; I’m running out of money, and it’s going to take me longer to save enough – I will have to skip two cycles just to do one, and that just sucks.

Indiana House Rabbit Society participated in a confiscation in April that netted us 11 new rabbits, one of which I’m going to adopt. I haven’t had a bunny of my own for a couple of years, but something about her speaks to me. She’s a big French Lop, with the fluffiest, giantest feet I’ve seen in a long time. Her front legs are stocky, her face is squishy, and her ears are super-floppy!

And that, my friends, is officially the news from here. I’m out!

    The Exiled Queen